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Set of 2 chunky wine glasses with bubbled glass stems in a pretty baby blue.

Vintage Disclaimer

In order to provide a large selection and to truly embody our slow fashion ideals, we don't discriminate against vintage pieces due to condition. We simply don't believe that a garment has reached the end of it's usable life just because it has a small stain or a tiny pull. We have established the Vintage Condition Scale to rate our interpretation of each item's condition, an explanation of which will always be provided on each listing.

Though our condition standards are quite high, it's incredibly important to bear in mind that despite an item receiving our highest rating, nothing should be assumed as perfect. We will always list in detail specific flaws observed. Please review the description of these listings carefully.

Vintage Condition Scale

This item has been very well loved. Ultimately, we believe if you truly love this product, it will be worth it to overlook its imperfections. We'd never sell something we wouldn't wear ourselves!

Visible imperfections, but still has life left to live. It's important you read the details to manage your expectations.

"Good". There are some flaws. Could range from a pen mark to a tiny hole.

Has very minor imperfections.
These are things that aren't noticeable unless you're looking for them.

The creme de la creme!
No noticeable flaws.

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