The Rundown

Lets face it, there's an array of inconsistent statistics out there centered around the fashion industry's environmental impact. That's a lot to absorb, so lets focus on the bottom line — clothing manufacturing is among the top 3 most harmful industries to our planet.  

The discussion of eco consciousness has become taboo, a result of increased accessibility to clothing created by fast fashion retailers. We have evolved to a point where we rely on convenience, and asking questions about the manner in which we consume is considered going against the grain. After all, it is human nature to overlook "fixing what isn't broken", and those at a consumer level cannot feel that this process is broken... yet.

Living consciously is the act of reverting back to simplicity. Before the industrial revolution, circular consumption was a no brainer. Due to the amount of time and money invested in the creation of clothing, textiles were repurposed or refashioned.