The Bottom Line

We believe that you can't undo something that's already been done, which is why we don't expect our vintage finds to meet the same criteria as our newly manufactured items. So no matter the manner in which a vintage piece was executed, we will give it a second life because that's a better alternative to contributing yet another thing to our landfills.

Vintage Condition

Leigh Collective makes it top priority to provide our customers with the best of the best. We search far and wide for unique, statement making vintage, as well as day-to-day staples. In order to provide you with a large selection and to truly embody our slow fashion ideals, we don't discriminate against vintage pieces that are less than perfect. We simply don't believe that a garment has reached the end of it's usable life just because it has a stain or a pull.

Enter here, the Vintage Condition Scale. We have thoroughly outlined a rating system that will allow you to fully understand the condition of an item. This is our interpretation of it's condition, so it's important you look closely at the provided details as means to manage your expectations. On top of that, we will always specifically note obvious flaws for your consideration. When shopping vintage, it's paramount to be aware that not everything is perfect. But we have to say... a lot of our collection is pretty close!

This item has been very well loved. Ultimately, we believe if you truly love this product, it will be worth it to overlook its imperfections. We'd never sell something we wouldn't wear ourselves!
Visible imperfections, but still has life left to live. It's important you read the details to manage your expectations.
"Good". There are some flaws. Could range from a pen mark/small stain to a tiny hole.
Has very minor imperfections. These are things that aren't noticeable unless you're looking for them.
Nothing to worry about here! This is the creme de la creme.