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A relaxed, high waist trouser featuring a Mother of Pearl button fly, deep front pockets, two back patch pockets, and belt loops. Cut in 100% cupro this fabric feels silky but is breathable like cotton. It drapes and hangs with effortless elegance offering a casual put together look.

Fabric sourced from Japan. Made in India.

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About The Designer

Ajaie Alaie's core values lie within its namesake label that means invincible and indestructible. Ajaie Alaie, originally spelled Ajai Alai, is a sanskrit mantra for being in your power and we want to empower each other to be the best version of ourselves. Our ethos is meant to make us feel grounded, to remind us of self-love, and to live mindfully. From concept to final product we promise to deliver purposeful design with integrity and respect to our environment and the workers make it.


Most of our fabrics consist of linen, silk, cotton, wool, and Cupro. Their unique attributes give our garments character and a sustainable end of life. As such, we are expanding our offering of organic cotton, and fabrics that biodegrade within weeks because it's very important for us that these plant-based fibers are grown without harmful pesticides and GMOs and are responsibly-harvested. Animal-based fibers, like our woolens, are sourced from farms that don’t harm/alter its animals or their habitat and diet and stay away from Mulesing. Our wovens are made in India and our knits (coming in the Fall 2018) are made in Peru responsibly with sustainable handled wool and Pima Cotton, the highest grade of cotton.


Our wovens are manufactured responsibly in a small unit in India. 40 machines, and all familiar faces when we go visit twice a year. Designing a garment is a long process and working with factories that not only understand your core values but also understand your design aesthetic and expectations is crucial for us. We work with factories with full safety compliance where there is no child labor and where we know they are getting fair wages (and chai breaks every couple of hours :)) We are very grateful to have developed relationships with factories that care about their employees, and that are also actively making strides to reduce their footprint in the environment by being willing to work with brands like us that might create extra steps in the production process to reduce waste. Fun Fact? Once in awhile the owner of one of our factories brings in a Yoga instructor to the factory for the workers to have a moment to stretch and be present. But more than a stretch, it's the intention of generating a more conscious mindset amongst them. We are very grateful for the support we have from our factories.