Fair Trade

"Fair trading" is a movement with a goal to help producers in developing countries get a fair price for their products so as to reduce poverty, provide for the ethical treatment of workers and farmers, and promote environmentally sustainable practices. When someone manufactures/purchases products at an extremely low cost, then ships internationally to retail, it could be a sign that the business is taking advantage of poorer economical positions for their own gain and/or not paying these workers a fair wage. Not only that, the extreme abuse of this practice creates an incredibly large carbon footprint.

"Small, disadvantaged producers are discriminated by large, influential players. The discrimination leaves many producers marginalized and unable to work their way out of poverty."

When a product is Fair Trade Certified, it means the vendor has successfully completed the rigorous vetting process by Fair Trade USA, and continues to work with them to maintain their endorsement. For business owners, the certification is something to be very proud of, as it is a reward for being certifiably transparent about every single level of their production.

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